Software Engineering Languages


Integration is one of the greatest strengths of the Microsoft.NET Framework. The .NET Engineers of Defense Software have worked with Microsoft Technologies for decades, and have provided solutions across the board. Although specializing in enterprise web applications and software, DSC also provides desktop application development and Integration services to other Microsoft products such as Sharepoint, Project Server, and Office.

Defense Software Corp can also provide custom embedded and compact hardware and software solutions utilizing the .NET Compact Framework and .NET Embedded.

Java / J2EE / EJB

Java and J2EE isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Top-Notch java engineers from Defense Software Corp assist in providing enterprise solutions using the best of java technologies. The engineers at DSC have an affinity for java technologies, and it shows in the high-quality services delivered to customers. Open-Source technologies are utilized such as the Apache Commons libraries, Spring Framework, Struts 2 Framework, Hibernate, EclipseLink, JPA, and others. A full technology stack is used in all java based projects.

Adobe Flex & Flash

Rich Internet Applications are becoming commonplace, and the latest release of Adobe Flex is the defacto choice for solid implementations. The engineers at Defense Software Corp go beyond the basics of Flex development, and have a background in custom Flash based components that can be re-used across flex and flash applications alike. The limits of web technologies have not been met, and customized solutions can be quickly developed to solve the most complex engineering problems. Choosing DSC as your Flash/Flex engineering provider is a guarenteed with for your solution.

Ruby and Ruby-On-Rails

If a cutting-edge solution is required with Ruby and Rails, Defense Software Corp can provide you the engineering support to make it happen.

Javascript / AJAX / Comet

The engineers at Defense Software Corp were using AJAX before the term was coined. They have unparallelled experience with javascript technologies. Providing secure enterprise web applications that are highly usable with a seemless experience is commonplace in solutions provided by DSC.


XML. Real XML. When data needs to be shared, transformed, or customized, XML is the most extensible and flexible choice. Defense Software Corp has extensive experience with a large number of XML technologies.

Oracle and SQL, PL/SQL

Not just limited to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, DSC has extensive database design and management experience. Technologies include Oracle 9i, 10g, Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Database connectivity is established through individual technologies such as jdbc/JPA, ADO.NET, or ActiveRecord, depending upon the programming languages used.